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Castelvecchio Battlements

With a professional tour guide discover this new, fascinating itinerary in the old Verona.
castelvecchio battlements

Starting march 2007, after a long restoration work, it is now possible to visit the battlements of Castelvecchio, the old Scala family's fortress, walking among narrow passages, towers, swallow-tail merlons and a roof garden.

A striking itinerary that will let you admire the old castle (that is the meaning of Castelvecchio) and the town from a new point of view.
Together with a tourist guide you will discover the stories about the building of the impressive fortress through the various stages of the rough and bloody history of the Scala family.

Two exceptional guide will also lead you in this trip through the middle age: Cangrande and Mastino II of the Scala family. With their equestrian statue, originally on top of their mausoleums and now placed in topic position inside the castle, after 7 centuries they still seem to dominate with their presence the atmosphere of this place. Memorial tablets on walls marks important events in the history of Veronese lords.

The opening of Castelvecchio battlements is another reason for a visit to this historical place, his museum, with the exceptional restoration work of Carlo Scarpa, and what is exhibited inside it: the gothic sculptures of middle age Verona, the paintings of Paolo Veronese, and other city masters, middle age weapons collections, bells, inscriptions.

For information on guided tours at Castelvecchio, its museum and battlements, maybe to go together with a traditional tour of the Verona, please write at:




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castelvecchio museum verona

Castelvecchio Museum
castelvecchio museum
Guided itineraries in Veronese art

Castelvecchio battlements
castelvecchio battlementsAfter the long restoration work re-opens a new fascinating itinerary.

Carlo Scarpa restoration
carlo scarpa restorationWith a tourist guide discover Carlo Scarpa restoration work for Castelvecchio.