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Sanmicheli's Verona: Palaces

sanmicheli's palaces

For Verona, his project was more radical. He designed not only the new walls with modern ramparts, suitable to sustain the power of new cannons, and the beautiful city gates: Nuova gate, Palio gate, St Zeno gate, but he also planned a new urban street network. He designed the wide and straight boulevards of Corso Porta Nuova and Corso Porta Palio, with such a modern and farsighted project that even nowadays Verona is expanding following the structure he gave it.

Palazzo Guastaverza

palazzo guastaverza

Inside this new urban structure Sanmicheli placed his beautiful landmarks: Bevilacqua palace, Canossa palace, Pompei palace, Guastaverza palace, the church of St. George, with its dome full of harmony.

Palazzo Pompei

palazzo pompei

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