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Verona Museums

Together with a tourist guide discover the museums of Verona. Alternative tourist itineraries or to be added to a personalized sightseeing tour.

Castelvecchio Museum

castelvecchio museumAfter the second world war, the XV century Scala family castle was transformed into the Municipal Museum, hosting the collections of romanesque and gothic sculpture, with the work of the mysterious Master of Saint Anastasia, the picture-gallery with paintings by Pisanello, Paolo Caliari and main Veronese artists, together with collections of armors, bells, inscriptions. Together with a tourist guide you will discover all the possible itineraries of Castelvecchio, not only artistic, but also historical and architectural, with the world famous restoration work by Carlo Scarpa which after fifty years is still drawing the attention of architects from all over the world. Recently, after a long restoration, the battlements of Castlevecchio opened again on its walls. A new and fantastic tourist itinerary

Aechaological Museum, Roman Theater

archeological museumBorn in 1923 to exhibit the Roman findings of Verona, it was placed in the cells, refectory, cloisters and church of the XV century monastery of San Gerolamo, built on top of the Roman Theater. Together with a tourist guide, a visit to the museum, becomes a way to walk along an historical and artistic itinerary among beautiful Roman mosaics, statues and inscriptions found all over Verona.

Maffeiano Museum

maffeiano inscriptions museumBorn in 1745, for the will of Scipione Maffei, eminent Veronese man of letters, who contributed with his rich collection, the Lapidary Museum is one of world oldest public museums. It was created in a side building of the Philharmonic Academy, to which it is still linked. Restored in 1982, the epigraphic material is now displayed in chronological sections in the building and in the fascinating courtyard. Ask a tourist guide to bring you in this unique place where you can experience a piece of the ancient Roman culture and society.

Frescoes Museum (Juliet's Tomb)

frescoes museumTogether with a tourist guide come to visit this fascinating Shakespearian place. The complex of San Francesco al Corso, in XIII century was the only Franciscan monastery outside Verona walls. This is the reason why it has always been considered the place where the tragic epilogue of Romeo and Juliet tragedy took place. The rooms of the old monastery now hosts the "G.B. Cavalcaselle" Frescoes Museum. It opened in 1975, and exhibits cycles of fresco taken from Veronese buildings from middle age to XVI century, together with sculptures and paintings from modern age.
In a hall of this fascinating place devoted to everlasting love, nowadays are celebrated civil unions in Verona.
In the crypt can be seen the sarcophagus thought to be Juliet's tomb.

Scavi Scaligeri Underground Museum

scavi scaligeri museumIt hosts the Verona International Center of Photography, which holds exhibitions on a regular basis, but the Scaligeri's Palaces Excavations are an incredible underground itinerary that allows to discover the history of Verona, from its Roman origin until middle age. You can see, all in the same place, roman streets, the mosaics floors of wealthy Roman houses built close to the forum, VII century Lombard tombs and remains of tower-houses of XIII century Verona shacked by factions war. Ask a tourist guide to bring you in this amazing time journey.

Natural History Museum

natural history museumThe Natural History Museum of Verona opened in 1853. In it flowed many different naturalistic collections of plants, animals, fossils and geological specimen, gathered by private citizens since 1500. A wide section is dedicated to Bolca fossils. Bolca is a site on Veronese mountain. In its limestone layers fishes and other marine specimens are so highly preserved that their organs are often completely preserved in fossil form, and even the skin color can sometimes be determined. The Natural History Museum is in the splendid renaissance Pompei Palace, designed by Michele Sanmicheli.

Modern Art Gallery - Palazzo Forti

galleria di palazzo forti a veronaVerona's gallery of modern art is situated in Palazzo Forti. The original structure was built in the 13th century and was the residence of the middle age tyrant Ezzelino da Romano. After many intervention on the building through the centuries, Palazzo Forti was converted into an art museum in 1937. Since then the gallery has organized many important exhibitions until the establishment of a permanent collection: The Infinite Eye. Divided into five sections the collection exhibits works by famous modern artists like De Pisis, Felice Casorati, Sol Lewitt, and contemporary artists like Giulio Paolini, Vanessa Beecroft and many new artists yet to become famous. Guided tours are available.

Miniscalchi Erizzo Museum

In mid 1950s, the old residence of the earls Miniscalchi Erizzo, together with all its properties, became the Miniscalchi Erizzo Foundation and was transformed into an interior museum. In it you will have a glimpse of an old Veronese palace, with its old furniture, the art collections, libraries, armors. The palace is beautifully decorated with frescos, both on its Venetian gothic facade, and in the inside.

Canonicale Museum

canonicale museumThe art collections inside the Capitolare Library have old origins, tightly linked to the vicissitudes of the Canonical Chapter of the Cathedral. The museum was located next to the Cathedral cloister, built on top of early christians basilicas, whose mosaics can still be seen in some underground areas. In the Museum are exhibited beautiful sacred art paintings from different ages, sculptures and paraments.

Nicolis Historical Cars Museum

The private collection of Luciano Nicolis was transformed in to an amazing museum with hundreds of cars, motorbikes, bicycle, cameras, typewriters, musical instruments. Everything is perfectly restored and functioning. The collection covers the last two centuries of human technology and mechanic.

Toys Museum

"The house of dreams", is the first permanent museum of toys in Verona. It was opened in 2006 to exhibit a huge collection of toys from the past, with valuable pieces from 1700s until 1950s.
The collection consists of more than 3000 pieces: dolls, rocking horses, puppet theaters, mechanical toys, animals made with different materials.

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