Verona Museums

Art galleries of ancient and modern art, sculpture collections, archaeological museums, frescoes detached from the walls, Roman inscriptions, natural history, collections of ancient manuscripts, antique furniture, wine and oil. In Verona you will find a museum for any interest. And often the location itself is a work of art. Ask a tour guide to create routes and itineraries within the museums of Verona.

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Painting by Pisanello in Castelvecchio Museum in Verona
Castelvecchio Museum

It's the main museum of Verona, inside a 14th century castle. Collections of medieval sculpture, a painting gallery with works by Pisanello, Paolo Veronese and major artists of Verona, collections of weapons, bells, jewels.

Mosaic representing gladiators fights
Archaeological Museum

Founded in 1923 to house and exhibit the Roman remains of Verona and its territory, it found an evocative location in the cells, refectory, cloister of the fifteenth-century Jesuit convent of San Gerolamo, overlooking the Roman Theatre.

Roman tomb stone with bas relief
Maffeiano Inscriptions Museum

The Veronese illuminist Scipione Maffei established it in 1745 in the evocative courtyard of the Philharmonic Academy to exhibit his rich collection of Greek-Roman inscriptions. It is one of the oldest public museums in the world.

Renaissance fresco with Jupiter and Juno
Fresco Museum - Tomb of Juliet

The monastery of St. Francesco al Corso is where, according to legend, Juliet was buried. Today it houses the "Cavalcaselle" Museum of Frescoes which displays the frescoes saved from the palaces of Verona.

particolare del dipinto Meditazione di Hayez
Modern Art Gallery

Inside the historic Palazzo della Ragione there is the Forti collection and the Domus/Cariverona foundation collection. More than 150 masterpieces of painting and sculpture, from the period 1840 - 1940 and with a strong link to Verona.

opera di Burri e pala medievale
Maffei Palace

On the main floor of the prestigious Baroque palace in Piazza Erbe is the Carlon collection, a vast eclectic selection of masterpieces by great masters with works by Boldini, Picasso, Morandi, Magritte, Duchamp, Balla and many others.

L'Arena di Verona
Underground Museum

Home to the International Centre of Photography, which sets up temporary exhibitions, this is an underground itinerary through the history of Verona, from Roman origin to the Middle Ages, with stone streets, mosaics, Longobard tombs, remains of municipal tower-houses.

Fossil of a tropical fish from Bolca
Natural History Museum

Born in 1853 in the prestigious Palazzo Pompei. It brought together collections of plants, animals, geological samples accumulated by Veronese enthusiasts since 1500. Ample space is dedicated to Bolca, one of the most beautiful fossil quarries in the world.

Sala delle bifore nel museo Miniscalchi Erizzo
Miniscalchi Erizzo Museum

The ancient residence of the Counts Miniscalchi Erizzo, with its Gothic-Venetian facade, frescoes and decorated rooms, transformed into an environment museum with furniture, art collections of the time, bookstores, documentary archives.

Ancient Manuscript
Capitolare Library

The church of St. Helena and the cloister of the Canonici with the mosaics of early Christian churches, the Canonical Museum, the Chapter Library, the oldest in the world, constitute an extraordinary widespread museum complex.

Masks and African works of art
African Museum

Founded in 1892 with the findings of the Combonian Missionaries. The works of art, objects of worship, the library with more than 20,000 volumes, the film library, the conference room, the temporary exhibitions make it a reference point for the knowledge of African culture.

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