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Fratelli Vogadori

Fratelli Vogadori winery

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Fratelli Vogadori winery surrounded by vineyards

Fratelli Vogadori winery is a welcoming and informal cellar where you can get to know and taste the great wines of Valpolicella. You will feel like at home while admiring the expanses of vineyards in the Negrar valley.

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Info and bookings

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Harvesting, grape drying (appassimento), fermentation and aging of Amarone and other Valpolicella wines take place in the winery under the careful guidance of Emanuele, Gaetano and Alberto, the 3 Vogadori brothers. The visit with tasting in the winery is an exciting and engaging experience.

Winery Tours at Fratelli Vogadori

Many people participates a wine tasting tour at Fratelli Vogadori winery

Fratelli Vogadori winery is on the eastern side of the Negrar valley. It is just outstide the first town of the Valpolicella Classica that you encounter coming from Verona. The position on the hillside perfectly set in the landscape. From the tasting room you will enjoy an enchanting view of the village below and the slopes covered with vineyards.
The winery is completely surrounded by vines and olive trees. Here you will discover the typical grape varieties of Valpolicella. You will also found the typical vine growing methods: Guyot and the Pergola Veronese, each with its specific strengths.

Barrels in the wine aging cellar

Next step is the wine-making area, with modern steel tanks where the must transforms into wine. Here we will go into the details of the Ripasso wine method.
Then we move on to the cellar. Fratelli Vogadori uses a skillful combination of first, second and third passage French oak barrels. In this way they create a tailor-made aging for various wine styles.

We then go up to the fruttaio. It is the attic where the grapes selected for Recioto and Amarone remain for three months so that the liquids evaporate and sugar and aromas concentrate. From October to December you can see the fruttaio full of grapes drying. A very unique process in the wine making world.

The panorama you can enjoy from Fratelli Vogadori tasting room

From the drying room you walk into the tasting room. It has one of the most beautiful panoramic views of Valpolicella.
You will try a selection of all the classic Fratelli Vogadori wines including 2 Amarones, the Classico and the Riserva Forlago. Together with the wine you will have a welcome snack of bread and the extra virgin olive oil produced by the company.

Fratelli Vogadori Wines

For bottles of Fratelli Vogadaori wine

The Fratelli Vogadori wine list is wide and varied.
The classics cannot miss: Valpolicella, Ripasso, Amarone, Recioto.
These are complemented by special productions from their own grapes: two whites, a still and a sparkling wine from Garganega grapes, a 100% Molinara rosé, a 100% Corvina Veronese, Raffaello (an IGT halfway between Amarone and Recioto). Three types of grappa with different aging, olive oil and even 0 alcohol wine complete the range.

Amarone Riserva

Fratelli Vogadori bottle of Amarone

La star della cantina è lo speciale Amarone Riserva. Prende il nome da una piccola porzione di vigneto, Forlago, con esposizione ed elevazione ideali e un blend di uve che includono piccole quantità di vecchie varietà autoctone ormai quasi dimenticate: Oseleta, Forsellina, Dindarella, Pelara. Viene fatto solo nelle migliori annate e tenuto più a lungo in affinamento.
È un Amarone di grande potenza, morbidezza e complessità, con spiccate note di vaniglia, cacao, caffé in grani. Un vero vino da meditazione.

Pernottamento ed eventi

At Fratelli Vogadori they recently renovated few apartments with all comforts. You can try the experience of staying overnight in a winery. You can spend few days of nature, relaxation, food and wine surrounded by the vineyards and the splendid panorama of Valpolicella.

People tasting wines in the vineyard

The winery is also available for private events for small and large groups. It is a perfect venue for lunches, dinners, celebrations, company meetings and incentive activities.

Wine Tours

Fratelli Vogadori winery is located just outside the town of Negrar, less than 30' drive from the center of Verona.
The structure is fully accessible for the disabled.
The winery is always open, even on Sundays and holidays you will find someone to welcome you for a wine tasting, a tour of the vineyard and cellar.
For inquiries: +39 328 9417228

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+39 333 2199 645 P.I. 03616420232 C.F. CPPMHL74L13L781C