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At dusk, with the first shadows of the evening, Verona becomes even more beautiful and mysterious, full of an unusual charm. A guided walking sightseeing tour of Verona to discover views and buildings that with the lights of the city become magic. Something for those willing to spend at least a night in Verona.

Verona from above at night

The splendid evening panorama seen from the terrace of Castel San Pietro. It can be reached on foot or by transportation.

Oncoming Tours

August 3rd - 9:30pm
Verona by Night

Discover the city away from the heat and crowds.

📍 Bra square
€30 per person

August 7th - 10:00am
Underground Tour

Discover the archaeological finds underneath Verona.

📍 Bra square
€30 per person

August 9th - 15:00pm
Romeo & Juliet's Tour

The unbelievable truth behind the famous love story.

📍 Erbe square
€30 per person

Bookings and info:

+39 333 2199 645 P.I. 03616420232 C.F. CPPMHL74L13L781C

Tour Verona by Night in details

Half day
Approximately 2h.
Who is this tour for
In summer for those who prefer to discover the city in the cooler hours of the day. For those in search of romantic atmospheres.
Starting time
Starting at 6pm or around 9pm.

The Arena at night

Piazza Bra and the Arena by night. The square is deserted and all for you, the monuments and buildings are wrapped in the evocative evening lights.

Evening Tours

Before dinner, or after one of the many events of the Veronese evening, why not taking a walk around city center squares and alleys? Ask a tourist guide to come with you to show you the buildings and sightseeings of Verona, telling you all the stories about them.

castelvecchio in the evening

Castelvecchio with the Scaliger Bridge over the Adige River.

Verona city center, at night is as safe as during the day, and various buildings are beautifully illuminated, creating a fascinating and magic atmosphere full of the auras of the ages that passed one after the other, leaving great ruins and elegant buildings, sometimes difficult to appreciate in the crowds of the day.

piazza erbe aperitivo

Piazza Erbe at aperitif time in the evening.

During the tour is also possible to take a break or finish in one of the many bars and osterias, where you can try some Veronese wines.

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Further information and bookings:

+39 333 2199 645 P.I. 03616420232 C.F. CPPMHL74L13L781C