Bardolino harbour with the town hall and the middle age tower

Bardolino is one of the most famous villages on the Veronese side of Lake Garda, with its large dock, holiday residences, stores, bars and restaurants. It is an ideal spot to spend a few days or weeks to enjoy the lake with excursions and trips.
The Lake and the hills around Bardolino are ideal for outdoor sports. Bardolino hosts many International Triathlon competitions. Choices of sports include sailing, canoeing, water-skiing, mountain biking and horseback riding.

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Just 30' from Verona, for a long time, together with Lazise, it was the "riviera veronese". In the summertime it was animated by a lively nightlife with discos and live music clubs. Over the years, it has gradually become a more laid-back, family-oriented tourist destination, but it still retains the cheerful, lively atmosphere of its former days.

San Severo

facciata romanica della pieve di San Severo a Bardolino

visit to the parish church of San Severo, one of the most beautiful churches on Lake Garda.
The first documents mentioning the church of San Severo date back to 893.
The structure is typically Romanesque, with a nave and two aisles and a typical double-sloping façade with lesenes, blind rampant arches, and a slender bell tower. The shapes are elegant and harmonious, in contrast with the simple and austere stones of which the structure is made.

la navata centrale di San Severo a Bardolino con il massiccio colonnato

The interior is divided into naves by a massive colonnade. On the walls a cycle of 12th century frescoes depicting an unusual scene from the Apocalypse of St. John.

Wine and Olive Oil

Bardolino is located in the middle of a wide valley which slopes gently down from the low hills to the east towards the coast of the lake. Its south-western exposure and its loose, fertile soil have made it an ideal location for hillside cultivation: vineyards and olive groves.
Both in the village and in the hills of Bardolino there are numerous wineries and olive mills where you can take guided tours and tastings.

The Wine Bardolino DOC

The production of wine has always been so important that the town has given its name to the flagship wine of lake Garda: Bardolino DOC, produced on the hills east from the coast.
Bardolino is a light, fruity and pleasing red wine, also in the Chiaretto variant, that is rose. Perfect for summer dinners with lake view.

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Extra Virgin Olive Oil Garda DOP

Olive oil is also an important product of the hills of Bardolino, covered with the silvery green of olive trees. The quality of the area is protected by a protected denomination of origin: Garda DOP. In addition to the many oil mills where you can take tours, taste and buy, in Cisano, between Lazise and Bardolino, there is an oil museum where you can learn all about this extraordinary product.

A Brief History of Bardolino

Bardolino town center with the church facade

The history of Bardolino is not dissimilar to that of most of the villages on the east coast of Lake Garda. Remains of pile-dwelling villages prove that the origin of Bardolino is prehistoric.
In Roman times it became a leisure center on the lake for the residents of Verona who had villas and second homes there, just like today. There are numerous findings from the Republican and Imperial periods around Bardolino.
In the Middle Ages it was always very connected to Verona. The territory of Bardolino was assigned to the monastery of San Zeno.
From the mid-1300s, the Scala family controlled the entire eastern shore of Lake Garda for more than a century. In Bardolino they built a fortress and reinforced the city walls. Some towers and fragments of fortifications are still visible in the center and from the old port.
Starting from early'400 Bardolino, like the rest of the former Scala family possessions also became part of the state of Venice. After the Napoleonic parenthesis at the end of the 1700s it passed under Austria and finally to the Kingdom of Italy in 1866.
With the second post-war period, as all major centers of the lake, Bardolino transformed from fishing and agriculture small village, to a rich tourist destination.

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