Winery Corporate Events

A toast between many people

A winery is an ideal location for corporate events, training activities, team building, business relations in an informal and relaxed environment.
Many wineries are equipped with projectors, Wi-Fi and amplification systems for presentations and speeches.
Before or after it is possible to take a guided tour of the vineyards and the ageing cellar, followed by a tasting of the most representative wines of the products of the area, possibly combined with a coffee break, lunch, dinner. The atmosphere is welcoming and relaxing, encourages socialization and a constructive exchange of ideas that strengthens interpersonal relationships. Perfect experience to offer to its employees, customers, suppliers, sales force.

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Team Building in a Winery

A wine company is an ideal context for the organization of team building activities.
The purposes of these activities are:

  • Creating trust between employees
  • Improving group dynamics
  • Improving sharing
  • Creating synergies
  • Stimulating positive competition
We have different proposals for team building activities in the cellar depending on the available time and budget, the level of effort required from participants.

For all the activities the introduction is the same.
The activity begins with a visit to the vineyard and the production and ageing cellar. Participants are given basic knowledge of viticulture and winemaking.
We then move on to wine tasting, where basic notions of wine sensory analysis technique (visual, olfactory, gustatory), evaluation, food pairing are provided.
Then the real team building activity starts. The group is divided into small teams of 4-5 participants.

Team Building Activity ①

Each team is served few wines and following the notions given in the previous stage participants must:

  • evaluate wines
  • suggest combinations to the dishes that will be served
  • respond to a short test on the topics discussed earlier
The results of the various teams are evaluated and the team that scored the most points wins a prize (usually in bottles of wine).
This activity is not overly demanding and can easily be completed in half a day.

Team Building Activity ②

For this activity, the introduction of the taste-olfactory evaluation is carried out in greater depth.
Then each team is supplied with three different types of wine of the same vintage which are very different from each other in terms of acidity, tannins and softness. Based on the evaluation method provided during the theoretical activity, the teams must make their own wine by blending the three basic products.
They must then bottle the wine produced, design and draw the label, attaching it to the bottle.
This will be followed by a blind tasting in which all participants will be given samples of the wines that have been made by each team, and will have to evaluate them according to the scoring methods provided previously.
Participants will then give an aesthetic evaluation of labels assigning scores.
By putting together the scores of the various tests, the winning team is determined and will receive a prize.


The proposed activities involve multiple skills of the participants. Some are innate, some comes from learning, some from training. The ability to percieve and recognise aromas and scents is often an innate gift linked to the characteristics of olfactory receptors, but it can also be trained.
The introductory part of viticulture and oenology, on the other hand, involves mnemonic skills to memorise notions and terminology.
The members of each working group must therefore learn to collaborate by bringing together and coordinating individual skills and strengths in pursuit of the goal.

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