Malcesine & Mount Baldo

The town and castle of Malcesine. The intense blue of Lake Garda on the background.

Proceeding from south to north, the panorama of Lake Garda changes. The coasts become narrower, the mountains that enclose them higher and higher, with steep slopes that drop into the water. The landscape becomes more rugged and imposing. The deeper water takes on an intense blue color, appears cleaner, but is also colder, even in summer. Malecesine is the last town in the province of Verona on the upper lake. Beyond there is the Trentino region.

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Coming from Verona, getting to Malcesine takes no less than an hour and in summer the traffic of tourists can make the journey much longer. For this reason it is not possible to make guided tours of Malcesine in half a day. The visit of Malcesine can be inserted as a stop in an all-day itinerary on lake of Garda together with Torri del Benaco, Lazise and Sirmione, to discover the castles of Verona territory.

Malcesine Castle

The castle of Malcesine and in the background the north side of Lake Garda

In this changing landscape, you arrive in Malcesine, and you immediately come across the fortress overlooking the water and the majestic castle built in the age of the Scala family rule (XIV century). The castle of Malcesine is open to the public.
The Venetian-era wing houses the Natural History Museum of Lake Garda & Mount Baldo.
In summer, the castle courtyard is often used for jazz concerts. Climbing to the keep, castle's highest tower, you can admire one of the most beautiful views of the lake. In front of you are the mountains closing in on the intense blue of the lake garda, and all around you the roofs of the houses of Malcesine that unfold from the fortress. The town of Malcesine in fact develops around the castle in a tangle of alleys and stone faces similar to a labyrinth. Malcesine is an important tourist center and in the streets you will find many bars, risotranti, stores and craft stores.

International Wedding Venue

For several years the Castle of Malcesine has become a popular location for weddings. From all over the world come couples in love to crown their dream of love. Various rooms and panoramic terraces of the castle are available for civil weddings, symbolic ceremonies, blessings, etc..

Cableway Malcesine-Monte Baldo

Le cabine della funivia Malcesine Monte Baldo e in lontananza sfondo in basso il lago di Garda

The cable car that connects Lake Garda to Mount Baldo departs from Malcesine. The line is equipped with special rotating cabins from which you can enjoy a breathtaking 360° panorama of the blue waters of Lake Garda, which shrinks below you as you ascend. From the arrival station at the summit of Monte Baldo, there are few stops from where you can venture into excursions to suit your fitness level and available time. These range from quiet half-hour walks to more challenging routes. There are also numerous tracks for mountain biking.
For more information on schedules and tickets for the cable car you can check the official web site.

Mount Baldo

Picture of Mount Baldo in all its north-south extension

With its 2,218 meters Mount Baldo is the highest mountain in the province of Verona. Its mass is clearly distinguished from Verona, from Valpolicella and from many areas of the territory and makes it a landmark of the Veronese landscape.
In winter, on the slopes of Monte Baldo it is also possible to ski while admiring the splendid lake panorama below. A truly unique ski field.

map showing the position of Mount Baldo with respect to Lake Garda and Verona

It is an isolated massif that extends from north to south for 40 km parallel to Lake Garda. The western side descends steeply into the waters of the lake, while the eastern side borders the Adige Valley.

Monte Baldo was long thought to be an extinct volcano, both because of its isolated presence and because of the numerous ">hot springs found in the lower reaches of Lake Garda. In reality, it was shaped by the same glaciations that gave rise to Lake Garda.

wild orchids growing on Mount Baldo

During the glaciations, its peaks were among the few areas to remain free from snow and glaciers. Many plant species continued to evolve thus giving origin to a unique and particular autochthonous flora. Some varieties of plants have in fact the denomination "baldensis".
They include many species of wild orchids, some very rare.

Thanks to the abundance and variety of vegetation growing on its slopes, Monte Baldo is defined as the "Garden of Europe". The name originates from the term "wald", "forest" in the ancient Germanic languages of the barbarians who settled in this area.

Hiking and Nature Excursions

Thanks to the collaboration with the environmental guides of Verona we are able to organize excursions and naturalistic visits on Mount Baldo focusing on the flora, fauna, the interaction between man and natural environment. The routes are ideal for school groups and families.

For information on guided tours and itineraries in Malcesine or excursions on Mount Baldo:

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