Verona Historical Itineraries

Verona has been a protagonist in many historical periods. The center of Verona is characterized by many testimonies, remains, monuments and buildings of every age and style. This allows for guided itineraries focused on a specific historical period. An licensed tour guide will be able to select for you the things to see in Verona of the period of your interest.

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Roman Amphitheater in Verona
Roman Age Verona

For the number of Roman remains Verona is second only to Rome. The famous Arena, a triumphal arch, two gates, mosaics and underground finds, sculptures, inscriptions, walls. With a tour guide you can discover them all. The itinerary can be integrated with a visit to the Archaeological Museum or the Lapidary Museum.

Gothic Monument in Verona
Middle Age Verona

In the Middle Ages Verona was often at the center of events: the barbarian invasions, Theodoric, Alboin, Charlemagne, Berengar, the Germanic emperors. The tours wind through buildings and monuments full of charm. A visit to the Castelvecchio museum or to one of the many churches is also a must.

The winged lion of Venice
Venetian Age Verona

From the beginning of the 1400s to the end of the 1700s, Verona was part of the Venetian Republic. The Renaissance spread, the great architect Michele Sanmicheli built imposing fortifications and palaces, Pisanello, Andrea Mantegna and Paolo Veronese painted their masterpieces. Guided tours wind through monumental gates, churches and noble palaces.

Habsburg fortress in Verona
Habsburg Age Verona

With the end of Napoleon and the Congress of Vienna, Verona fell under the Habsburg Empire and became an invincible fortress city, with forts, bastion walls and an arsenal. Everything still exists, much can be visited, in the city and in the territory. The guided itineraries can be both urban and extra-urban routes, with the forts of the outer walls.


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