Paolo Veronese Exhibition

paolo veronese exhibition

In Verona, at Palazzo della Gran Guardia exhibition center,
from July 5th until October 5th 2014.

Guided Tours at Paolo Veronese Exhibition

Registered official guides of Verona offer guided tours of Paolo Veronese exhibition for organized groups and individual art enthusiasts. Guided tours of the exhibtion can be combined with thematic itineraries of Verona, the city where Paolo Veronese was born and trained to become one of the greatest artist of Italian Renaissance painting.

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Paolo Caliari "Il Veronese"

Paolo Caliari, later known as Veronese, was born in Verona in 1528. His father was a stone-cutter, tradition attributes to him one of the sculpture representing a "hunchback" holding the basin of holy water inside the church Santa Anastasia. Thanks to the conncetions of his father inside the artistic community of Verona, the young Paolo starts apprenticeship with the painter Antonio Badile. In Verona, in spite of the Venetian domination, developed a quite original and independent artistic language, more austere if compared to the flamobyant mannerist style popular in those years. The young Paolo, beside of his extraordinary technical skills, quickly shows its predilection for a more animated style, often inspired by "foreigners" masters such as Michelangelo, Giulio Romano, Correggio and Parmigianino. Paolo is soon scouted by Michele Sanmicheli, one of Italian most important Renaissance architect, who takes him under his protection and introduce him to rich art lovers of important Venetian families. His fame quickly goes beyond the confines of Verona, and soon arrive important commissions. In 1553 he was asked to paint some canvases for the ceiling of the Palazzo Ducale in Venice. The artistic language of Paolo Caliari quickly matures, especially his masterly use of light and color along with the elegant plasticity and movement of his figures. In the lagoon he receives numerous commissions, both fnoble and rich families. According to Vasari, Titian himself recognizes the magnitude of Paolo Caliari, now that he lives outside his own town, known by everybody as Veronese.

The Exhibition

Paolo Veronese exhibtion will display around 100 works including paintings, big canvas and sketches, coming from some of the most important Italian and international museum and art gallery.
Because of Veronese historical and artistic complexity, the exhibition will be divided into thematic sections the will analyze various aspects of his paintings.

Paolo Veronese's Youth

Considering that the event will be held in the hometown of Paolo Caliari, a very important part of the exhibtion will be dedicated to his artistic training in Verona, first from his father, then in the atellier of Antonio Badile until he is "discovered" by Michele Sanmicheli, one of the founders of Renaissance architecture in Veneto. In this section you will certainly find place Castelvecchio Deposition and Bevilacqua Lazise altarpiece, both normally on display at the Museum of Castelvecchio.

Architecture and Decoration

Another important section of Paolo Veronese exhibition is the one dedicated to the close relationship with the art of his time, especially architecture. The first patron of Paolo Veronese was Michele Sanmicheli, one of the most famous architect of his time, and the collaboration with Andrea Palladio created one of the greatest masterpieces of the Venetian Renaissance: Villa Barbaro at Maser.
Paolo Veronese was himself a painter of architectures, in his large canvases characters are often arranged between columns, moving in great halls and richly decorated backgrounds with the typical buildings of XVI Century Veneto.

Public and Private Commisions

A significant portion of the exhibtion will be devoted to the artistic maturity of Paolo Caliari in Venice, where he become known by everybody as the Veronese, painter of great fame and consideration, hired both by private clients and public and religious institutions.
In this section it will be possible to enjoy some extraordinary portraits of men and women of the Venetian nobilty and rich bourgeoisie, the great allegories, mythological subjects and the sensual representations of the episodes of the scriptures commissioned by wealthy churches and convents.

The Workshop

A particularly interesting section of the exhibition will be represented by the works of the workshop that will illustrate the work of students and heirs who gave continuity to the artistic language even after the master's death . In this context it will spot the big " Dinner at House of Levi " specially restored for this occasion.

Guided Tours

Verona tour guides are always committed to the divulgation and promotion of the city and the artistic and cultural events that take place in it and will offer guided tours of the exhibition of Paolo Veronese both for individually tourists and organized groups.



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Paolo Veronese Exhibtionmostra paolo veronese a veronaPaolo Veronese comes back to Verona with a great exhibtion from July 5th until October 5th 2014.