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L.O.V.E. (Lyric of Verona Experience) is the new Museum of the Opera of Verona dedicated to the opera and to Verona's singers. The museum was born from the desire to dedicate an exhibition to the characters who have brought prestige to the city of Verona thanks to their music and their singing.

ingresso Museo dell'Opera di Verona

The opera museum of Verona has about 200 exhibits from the rich private collection of the Chiantera family, displayed in the prestigious piano nobile of Palazzo Orti Manara.

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The Exhibition

Oggetti esposti al museo dell'opera di Verona

The objects on display at the opera museum in Verona include memorabilia such as photos and autographed vintage records, gramophones (including a rare Edison roller phonograph from 1890), costumes, jewels and other props from Italian and international opera houses including the Metropolitan in New York, the San Carlo in Naples, and the Politeama in Lecce.
There are many rare objects that speak of the magical world of opera and immerse the visitor in it.
The exhibition is divided into rooms, each dedicated to a character linked to the history of opera in Verona.

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Arena Opera Festival in Verona


Giovanni Zenatello

The centerpiece of Verona's opera museum is the room dedicated to Veronese tenor Giovanni Zenatello, the father of the Arena di Verona opera festival and the scout of famous talents such as Maria Callas. There is a rare engraving of "celeste Aida" from 1911. The festival in the Roman amphitheater opened with Aida in 1913. The highlight of the hall is the armchair of Giovanni Zenatello's studio.

Veronese Singers

Other rooms are dedicated to the Veronese singers such as Nino Martino and Nino Ederle, whose 1931 Manon stage dress and props such as swords, bracelets and belts are on display.

Palazzo Orti Manara

The Verona Opera Museum is housed on the main floor of Palazzo Orti Manara, an imposing neoclassical building in the center of Verona. The facade is neoclassical, with still some baroque reminiscences. The project is by the architect Luigi Trezza, realized in 1784. The facade is characterized by four imposing telamons that, at the sides of the main entrance, support the central balcony. They are the work of the eighteenth-century sculptors Zoppi and Sartori.

l'interno del Museo dell'Opera di Verona

The piano nobile in whose rooms the museum is housed is on the second floor. Three large arched windows flood the rooms with elegant light, richly decorated with frescoes, trompe l'oeil, stucco, sculptures, frames, and Venetian terrazzo floors.


Admission to the Verona Opera Museum is free and for those who come to Verona to attend the opera in the Arena, it represents a very interesting insight into the history of opera in the city, as well as a unique opportunity to see the interior of a typical Veronese noble palace.

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