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ceiling window and Roman mosaic underneath at Scavi Scaligeri museum

The Scavi Scaligeri (Scaligeri Excavations) is an exhibition space located a few meters below street level in a large archaeological site in the center of Verona. The Scavi Scaligeri is home to the International Center of Photography which holds temporary exhibitions. It is currently closed for restoration until a date to be defined.

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August 3rd - 9:30pm
Verona by Night

Discover the city away from the heat and crowds.

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August 7th - 10:00am
Underground Tour

Discover the archaeological finds underneath Verona.

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August 9th - 15:00pm
Romeo & Juliet's Tour

The unbelievable truth behind the famous love story.

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Guided tours at the Scavi Scaligeri:

+39 333 2199 645

The Scavi Scaligeri are an incredible underground route that allows you to retrace the history of Verona, from its Roman origins to the Middle Ages.

Roman road pavement

Roman pavement

In Roman times, this was one of the blocks formed by the city's cardus and decumanus streets network. In the immediate vicinity of the forum (main square) was the seat of patrician houses richly decorated.
Along the exhibition route you can admire a perfectly preserved section of a Roman street (cardus), with still the sidewalk and the underlying sewer system (cloaca) with its barrel vault.

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un tratto di selciato romano

Storia di Verona Romana

Outer wall of the Arena

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Domus Mosaics

Roman mosaic

In the underground museum of the Scaligeri excavations there are also fragments of mosaics from Roman domus. The area was very close to the forum, inhabited by patrician families.
Some of the mosaics have geometric designs and animal figures, another, with black and white tesserae, from a large room that was probably the triclinium, or dining room.

Early Middle Age Remains

With the fall of the Western Roman Empire and the devastation of the Barbarian invasions, Verona went depopulated, partly because of the fear of attacks and looting that struck the main centers, partly because of famine and epidemics. In the scarcely inhabited city were obtained vineyards and gardens where in Roman times stood buildings decorated with marble, sculptures and mosaics. All these events and changes are witnessed in the remains found in the site of the Scavi Scaligeri, with signs of fires, Longobard domes and the first house-towers built in bulk with poor materials on the old Roman urban structure.

The exhibition itinerary of the Scavi Scaligeri museum winds its way through exhibits that allow for a fascinating journey through time in which more than a thousand years of history are crossed in a short time.

Photography Exhibitions

photography exhibition

The Scavi Scaligeri is actually a museum dedicated to photography. In fact, the space is opened only on the occasion of the exhibitions held there. Over the years it has hosted selections of works by the greatest photographers of the 20th century and contemporary.

Guided Tours

The guided tour of the Scavi Scaligeri museum, in addition to the exhibitions held there, is a perfect completion of a tour of Roman Verona and allows you to explore some issues related to the urban structure of the typical Roman city. It is an ideal stop on a tour of underground Verona.

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Info & Bookings:

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