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Lake Garda Wines

lake garda vineyards

Various areas around the lake are famous for their wines, especially Bardolino with its light red wine, produced with the same grape varieties of Valpolicella, but also the white Custoza and, in the southern area, Lugana, more and more popular in Italy and abroad.
Vine has been grown on Lake Garda since the prehistoric past. Big amounts of grape seeds have been found in archeological excavations around Peschiera, Pacengo, Cisano and Bardolino.
Ancient Romans were already producing wine in those villas whose remains have been found on the coast of Lake Garda.
The first written documents concerning wine making on Lake Garda date back to the middle age.

The best known wine produced on Lake Garda is probably Bardolino. It is produced using the same grape varieties of the Valpolicella: corvina, rondinella e molinara grown and processed on the territories of the Classica area: Bardolino, Affi, Cavaion Veronese, Costermano, Garda and Lazise. The soil and the peculiar climate of Lake Garda makes Bardolino wine lighter in comparison with Valpolicella. Bardolino was one of the first Veneto region wines to obtain the DOC certification in 1968. Since 1987 it has been introduced also in the Novello variety, again one of the first Italian Novello wines to obtain DOC.
Bardolino is a wine that can be drunk with a wide variety of dishes, especially Veronese classic cuisine: risotto and pappardelle, but as a light red wine with good acidity is also excellent with fish dishes.
Bardolino can be also found in the Chiaretto variety, a very and nice rosé which is experiencing an increasing popularity.

On the morainic hills surrounding the lake between Peschiera and Verona it is produced the famous Bianco di Custoza (Custoza White). It is made with Trebbiano and Garganega grape varieties.

In the southern area of Lake Garda, between Sirmione and Peschiera it is also produced Lugana. It is a full bodied white wine that is becoming more and more popular, both on the national and international market. It is made using Trebbiano di Lugana and Turbiana grape varieties. Lugana is an excellent wine that can be drunk young but, in spite of being a still white wine, is excellent after few years of aging.

Wines of Valdadige
In the northern part of the lake, along the valley of the river Adige, the red Marzemino is produced, and further north, in Trento province, you will find great white wines such as the Muller Thurgau and famous sparkling wines like the world famous Ferrari.

Winery tours in the area to discover and taste Lake Garda wines are available both for individual tourists and for groups.

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