Lake Garda Wines

The coast and the inland of Lake Garda have always been an area of wine production with many autochthonous vines, appellations of origin and wineries that make it an important wine tourism destination.

Winery Visits and Tastings

Around Lake Garda you will find many wineries to visit. In some of them you can enjoy beautiful views of Lake Garda from above. Others are located in finely restored old farmhouses. A guided tour with wine tasting in a local winery is an original way to complete your tour of Lake Garda.

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The presence of vines on the hills of Garda has been documented since the Bronze Age. In the prehistoric sites of Peschiera, Pacengo, Cisano and Bardolino archaeologists found many grape seeds. Romans produced wine in the rural villas whose remains have been found in many areas of the lake (Sirmione, Desenzano). The production of wine, as well as that of olive oil continued in the Middle Ages, in the monasteries which rose around the lake. Today vineyards and well kept olive groves characterize the landscape of the hills surrounding the coast.
Over the years, some production areas have been defined with denomination of origin:

  • Bardolino
  • Lugana
  • Custoza
  • Terra dei Forti
  • Colline Mantovane
  • Valtenesi
  • Riviera Orientale del Garda

Bardolino Wine

vineyards of Bardolino area and on the background the lake

Bardolino is the most representative wine of Lake Garda. It is made from Corvina, Rondinella and Molinara grapes, which grows on the hills of the eastern coast. The soil and climate of the lake make Bardolino a fresh and pleasant red wine. It was awarded DOC (Designation of Origin Controlled) status in 1968, the first of the Veneto wines. Since 1987, it has also been available in the Novello version, the first to be certified as a DOC among Italian nouveau wines.
. Bardolino is the typical wine for the whole meal, it can be served with most of the typical dishes of Italian and Veronese cuisine such as pappardelle con i fegatini (broad pasta with chicken livers), pasta e fagioli (pasta and beans), risotto con la salsiccia (risotto al tastasal risotto with sausage).

Chiaretto (rosé) and Sparkling

two glasses of Bardolino sparkling rose and a small dish of shrimps

Light and with good acidity, it is also excellent with fish dishes. In the Chiaretto style it is a pleasing rosé, also sparkling.

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Bardolino: lake Garda wine

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Morainic Hills

The southern part of Lake Garda is characterized by the rolling hills of the morainic amphitheater that embraces the coast from east to west. They are the reliefs formed by the accumulation of debris brought by the glacier in the slow and constant shifts that created the lake during the glaciations.

Custoza Wine

The production area includes the south-eastern part of the morainic hills and partially coincides with the area of Bardolino DOC. In 1800s it was the battlefield of the wars for the unification of Italy.
The blend includes aromatic and non aromatic grapes, among which stand out Trebbiano and Garganega. It is a fresh wine, pleasing, to be enjoyed chilled, as a summer aperitif and with fish dishes.

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Lugana Wine

The territory between Peschiera and Sirmione, from the coast to the morainic hills down south, produces Lugana, an increasingly appreciated and sought after white wine.
The soil is characterized by a high percentage of clay which gives the wine body and minerality. Ideal as an aperitif and with fish dishes but also perfect for aging which gives it body and structure.

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Valdadige and Terra dei Forti Wines

The narrow sides of river Adige valley flanked by mountains and Rivoli fortress on the foreground

Running parallel to Lake Garda is the valley of the Adige River, wedged between mountains that rise higher and higher as you head north.
The sandy valley floor and the slopes have always been an area of wine production, with the DOC Terra dei Forti in Veneto region and Valdadige on the other side of the Trentino region border. There are a number of wine gems such as the extremely rare Enantio or Marzemino grapes, which Mozart celebrated in Le Nozze di Figaro (The Marriage of Figaro) opera. Further north, there are great white wines based on Muller Thurgau, Pinot Grigio and renowned classic method sparkling wines.

Wine Tourism on Lake Garda

The wine cellars of Lake Garda are easily accessible from Verona and most of the resorts on the coast and inland.
. If you are a wine lover they can become a destination to discover the varied products of the area.
A visit to a winery with a tasting is also a way to vary a day visit to Lake Garda.

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