Tourist Map of Verona

verona tourist map

Verona tourist map

H ere you find a tourist map of Verona city center and with main sights. It is a useful tool for your visit of Verona. By clicking on the map you'll be able to download a higher definition version for printing. We left only the important monuments and squares you can't miss during your walking tour of Verona.


Download Verona Tourist Map.


You can get a more detailed tourist map at Verona Tourist Information Office (IAT), in Bra Square, right in front of the Arena.

Of course, with a tourist map and a good guide book it is always possible to visit Verona. Nevertheless, getting around trying to orient the map and reading aloud from you guide book while trying to admire a monument or a beautiful square is just not the most enjoyable way to experience Verona and its beauty. And you can't ask the map which is its favourite restaurant...
Ask professional tourist guides to take you around Verona. Not only they do know every secret of Verona, but they will also make you discover the art, the history and legends of the city. The experience of the visit of Verona will be very different.


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