Getting to Verona

Thanks to its location in the center of northern Italy and important road and rail networks, Verona is easily accessible from major Italian and European cities by various means of transport: car and bus, train, plane.

Map of main motorway in northern Italy and Verona in the middle

Verona is therefore an ideal place to base yourself in order to easily and quickly reach many tourist destinations in Italy: the lake of Garda (23 min), Vicenza (26 min), Milan (1h 13 min), Venice (1h 12 min), Bologna (1h 12 min), Florence (1h 32min), etc*.

* Travel times with the fastest train available on the route.
For further information:

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By Train

Verona is located at the intersection of the Milan - Venice (east-west) and Bologna - Brenner (north-south) rail lines, with frequent trains departing every hour. More information on destinations and schedules here.
For those who come to Verona for a tourist trip, a concert or a fair-event, the station of reference is VERONA PORTA NUOVA. From here, you can reach the city center or the exhibition center quickly on foot (approx. 20 minutes), by taxi, or public bus.
The appointment with the tour guide for those who travel to Verona by train is usually Piazza Bra, the square of the Arena.

Train + Bcicle / Scooter

In Verona there is a bike sharing service with racks scattered throughout the city, including the station. The vehicles can be left in a different rack from where they were collected. More information here.
There are also numerous Electric Scooter services in free-flow.

By Car or Tourist Coach

Verona is at the crossroads of the north-south A22 del Brennero, and east-west A4 Serenissima motor road routes.

Highway exits

The toll road exits are VERONA EST and VERONA SUD on the A4 and VERONA NORD on the A22. For those who come to Verona for a tourist visit, a concert or a fair, the nearest exit is Verona Sud, from where, continuing straight on Viale del Lavoro, you arrive directly in the Expo area and continuing, in piazza Bra, the square of the Arena. In occasion of events of particular attraction, to avoid traffic jams, the other exits are recommended.

Distances from major cities

  • Trento km. 103,
  • Bolzano km. 157
  • Vicenza km. 51
  • Venice km. 114
  • Brescia km. 68
  • Milan km. 161
  • Bologna km. 142
  • Florence km. 230

Tourist Buses

For tour coaches, in the case of itineraries that include a panoramic tour along the river and in the hills, the meeting point with the tour guides of Verona is fixed at Via Città di Nimes, just outside the historic center.

For itineraries that include only a walking tour of the historic centre, the meeting point with the tour guides of Verona is fixed at Via Città di Nimes, just outside the historic center.

For itineraries that include a walking tour of the historic center, the meeting point for the guide is PARCHEGGIO CENTRO, in Via Campo Marzo, opposite the Monumental Cemetery. From there the group can continue on foot or take the shuttle bus with a stop in Piazza Bra.

Load and unloading bays

Along the Adige River, close to the ZTL (limited traffic zone), there are a number of lay-bys where tourist coaches are allowed to stop briefly for the loading and unloading of organized groups.

  • Castelvecchio (Lungadige Campagnola)
  • Ponte Della Vittoria (Lungadige Matteotti)
  • Teatro Romano (Interrato Acqua Morta - Giardini della Giarina)
There is a parking area for tourist buses at the stadio Bentegodi.

Access fee for tourist buses

Access to the center of Verona by tourist coaches is subject to payment of an entrance ticket. The ticket can be purchased online at the Verona AMT website, at freeway service areas in the immediate vicinity of the city or at vending machines immediately outside freeway exits. The coaches of students on a school trip to Verona are exempt from paying the pass. More information here.

By Car

For private cars there are numerous restrictions on circulation and parking in the historic center (ZTL). There are time bands of free access to the ZTL. More information here.

Car Parking

In the historic center of Verona parking is paid (blue stalls). The cost is 1 or 2 euros per hour depending on the zone. The payment can be made at the columns that issue tickets to be displayed on the dashboard or through a special app.
For those coming from outside Verona and is not familiar with roads, restricted traffic zones, parking, etc., the advice is to use the covered parking adjacent to the historic center: parking Cittadella, parking Arena, parking Centro.
On the occasion of important trade fair events, a shuttle service is available from the Bentegodi stadium parking lot.

By Plane

The airport of Verona is the VALERIO CATULLO. It is about 12 kilometers from the city center and is connected to the city by the western ring road.


Verona is connected with daily scheduled flights to major Italian cities and major European cities and hubs and with numerous charter flights. More information on airlines, destinations and schedules here.

Shuttle Bus

From Verona airport, the shuttle bus takes about twenty minutes to get to the Train Station Porta Nuova from where, on foot, by cab or by bus, you can reach your destinations in the city. More information about the shuttle bus here.

Further information and bookings:

+39 333 2199 645 P.I. 03616420232 C.F. CPPMHL74L13L781C