Getting to Verona

V erona is located in the very center of northern Italy at the cross road of an important network of transport routes that makes it quick and easy to get there from all main Italian and European cities using all possible means of transport.

From Verona it is also possible to easily and rapidly reach many important tourist destinations in Italy: Lake Garda (23 min), Vicenza (26 min), Milan (1h 22min), Venice (1h 14 min), Bologna (1h 12 min), Florence (2h 22min), etc.*
A town where you can stay more than one day, making it a base for day trips in these important tourist locations.

By car

Verona is at the crossroads of two of the most important Italian motorways: the north-south A22 motorway (Modena-Brennero) and the est-west Serenissima A4 (Milano-Venezia).

Distances from Verona by car: Trento km. 103 (64 miles), Bolzano km. 157 (97 miles), Vicenza km. 51 (31 miles), Venice km. 114 (70 miles), Brescia km. 68 (42 miles), Milan km. 161 (100 miles), Bologna km. 142 (88 miles), Florence km. 230 (142 miles).


For those coming for a sightseeing tour of Verona city center or for its exhibition center (Fiera di Verona) the motorway exit is VERONA SUD.


Private cars are subject to access restrictions for most areas of Verona city center historical areas (ZTL). Further information here (only in Italian). Cars of clients of hotels located inside Verona city center are allowed inside ZTL areas. Ask your hotel for further information.


All parking spaces along city roads inside and around Verona city center have a pay and display parking meter system. Fees are 1 or 2 euro per hour depending on the area.


If you are coming to Verona by car and you are not familiar with streets, pedestrian precinct areas, car limited access areas (ZTL), parking spaces and traffic, you might want to consider leaving the car in one of the covered parking lots just outside the city center: Parcheggio Cittadella, Parcheggio Arena, Parcheggio Centro.

They are all close to piazza Bra, the square where the Arena (Roman amphitheater) and the meeting point for guided tours are.

Tourist bus

For tourist buses doing the panoramic itinerary around the city center the authorized meeting point with tourist guides is located in via città di Nimes. For walking tours the meeting point with guides is at parking area "CENTRO", the only authorized parking area for tourist buses.

Drop-off / pick-up areas for tourist buses are located around the car limited access area (ZTL).

Tourist bus access fee

Tourist buses entering Verona need to pay a city access fee. It is possible ot purchase it on-line on the web page of Verona public transport company (AMT), at the motorway service areas near Verona or at the vending machines outside motorway exits. Students' buses are exempted. Further information here.

  • By train

  • Verona is at the crossroad of the Milan-Venice / Brennero-Bologna railways. There are frequent direct trains and fast trains from all the main railway stations located along these two
  • axes.

    Verona railway station

    For those coming to Verona for a sightseeing tour the main railway station is PORTA NUOVA.
    From there you can easily reach Verona city center both on foot (20 minutes), by taxi (5 minutes) or by bus.
    The meeting point with tourist guides for the walking tour is usually Bra square, in front of the Arena.

  • By airplane

    Verona international airport CATULLO in Villafranca is situated approximately 12 Km from the city centre.

    Shuttle bus

    There is a shuttle bus service to and from the airport every 20 minutes approx. from 6.10 am to 11.30 pm. The airport shuttle bus terminal is outside Porta Nuova railway station. From there you can easily get to every destination in Verona both by bus or taxi.


    Verona airport offers frequent flights to many destinations in central and southern Italy (Rome, Bari, Cagliari, Catania, Palermo) and to main European countries such as Germany (Berlin, Munich, Cologne, Frankfurt), France, England, Spain (Madrid, Barcelona), Belgium, Austria, Russia. There is also a wide offer of charter flights to and from Italy, Spain, Greece, Cuba, Egypt, Tunisia, Turkey, France, Mexico and Morocco.

    For further information please refer to the official web site of Verona airport here.


    ☎: +39 333 2199 645


    *Travel time with Italian Railways fast train service.

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