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frescoes museum verona

Together with a tourist guide discover this fascinating Shakespearean place in Verona. The convent complex of San Francesco al Corso dates to the thirteenth century when it was the only franciscan convent outside Verona city walls. That's why it has always been considered the place where the tragic epilogue of Romeo and Juliet's story took place. In its crypt you will see Juliet supposed sarcophagus. In 1975 the annexed “G.B. Cavalcaselle” Fresco Museum was inaugurated. It houses fresco cycles from Veronese buildings facade dating from Medieval times through the sixteenth century, when Verona was called Urbs Picta, painted town, as well as nineteenth-century sculpture. In the church of San Francesco are housed grand-scale works on canvas dating from the sixteenth to the eighteenth centuries.
The underground level contains a collection of Roman amphorae from the first century B.C. found during excavations in the Adige river area. Medieval and modern lapidary material (both architectural and sculptural) is housed in the courtyard, pending the installation of a definitive lapidary exhibition

frescoes museum

frescoes museum

In one of the fascinating rooms in this complex dedicated to everlasting love, are celebrated civil marriages in Verona.

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