Durello: Wines and Winery Tours


The hilly region between the Eastern territory of Verona and the province of Vicenza, where the mountain ranges that moving north will become the Alps start, is a fertile wine producing area. The white wine produced there is Durello, a wine that is not well known yet, but is becoming increasingly popular among Verona wines like the well known Valpolicella and Soave. Durello is not only an expression of a territory, but also of an old vine: the Durella. Durella vineyards cover the slope of these hills, mixing here and there with cherry trees. Durella grape variety was already produced in XIII century and widely spread in 1700s.
Durello became a DOC wine in 1987. Durello is a wine with a distinct acidity that the peasants in the area used to mix with water. Modern wine making techniques were able to make the most of Durella grape characteristics, transforming Durello into a refined wine, ideal with fish dishes, vegetable and eggs, fresh cheese.
The most representative Monti Lessini Durello (this is the complete DOC name) is the Spumante, the sparkling version. It is made with at least 85% of Durella grape variety blended with Garganega, Pinot bianco, Chardonnay or Pinot Nero. The method is the Classic Champenoise, with bottle fermentation. Durello Spumante has a straw yellow color with green highlights, winey smell, delicate and slightly fruity. The taste is fairly sharp, winey, extremely harmonious.
There is also the still version: Monti Lessini Durello Tranquillo, also in the Superiore quality, with alcohol content above 11.50.
Durello, in the Monti Lessini Durello Passito version, can also accompany your dessert. It is produced with Durella grape variety left to dry for at least four month, with a wine making technique similar to the Valpolicella Recioto.
In 1997 was founded the Consorzio del Vino Lessini Durello, grouping the producers of the area and contributing in promoting not only the wine but the whole territory together with the Strada del Vino Lessini Durello association.

A wine tour in the cellars producing Durello, will give you the chance to discover the Verona Eastern territory, an area rich of history, tradition and excellent food such as cherries, soppressa salami, Monte Veronese cheese, Bogoni (escargot) and the delicate olive oil.

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