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Verona with a Tourist Guide

visit the arena with a tourist guide

In a couple of hours, together with the right tourist guide, you will have the chance to visit Verona most interesting and beautiful places and monuments, without the need to struggle with guide books and foldable maps. A fascinating journey through various ages, architectural styles, stories and legends, from Roman remains until the early decades of '900s.
The guided walking tour can be preceded by a panoramic itinerary with a coach or a bus, which allows to see those monuments which are far from Verona historical center like the Venetian Gates by Michele Sanmicheli, the magnificent St. Zeno abbey, Castelvecchio, the Gavi Arch (1st century A.D.), St. George church, the Roman bridge and the Roman theater, St. Maria in Organo and St. Fermo. Having a means of transport will also allow to go up on the hill of Verona from where it's possible to admire a breathtaking panorama over the town. The tourist guide will be with the group at all times, explaining you the monuments as you encounter them.

verona tourist guide: juliet's house
verona by night with a tourist guide

The walking guided sightseeing tour unfolds through Verona streets and alleys, still the same that the Romans designed when they first arrived here more than two thousands years ago. Here layers after layers, buildings and monuments of various ages accumulated through the centuries: Romanesque churches, Gothic towers and castle, Renaissance palaces with their beautiful frescoed façades, squares and elegant courtyards. Only together with an expert tourist guide you'll be able to experience Verona in all its aspects, its hidden treasures, its porticos.
The guided walking tour will include the famous house of Romeo and the house of Juliet, the stunning Scala family tombs, masterpiece of gothic architecture, Signori square, Erbe square with the fountain of Madonna Verona, the Arena, the Roman amphitheatre and much more.

verona tour: madonna verona

The guided sightseeing tours of Verona it's just indicative, together with our tourist guides accompanying you, the tour can be tailored on your specific interests and needs, including a visit inside Verona various churches (San Zeno, Santa Anastasia, il Duomo o Santa Maria Antica) the Arena or in one of Verona various museums: Castelvecchio, Archaeological, Lapidary or Scaligeri Excavations, Verona amazing underground museum.

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