Verona: Eating

eating in verona

Dishes of Verona are quite different from the Italian cuisine famous all over the world. More than pasta, Northern Italy traditional dishes are based on the widely cultivated rice. RISOTTO, a very tasty rice soup, is one of Verona famous dishes. And Verona produces one of the best rice variety: Vialone Nano.
POLENTA, a thick cream made with corn flour, one of the most representative dishes of northern Italy; eaten very hot, with salami, cured meat and cheese.
Another quite unusual dish of Verona is horse and donkey meat. It's an habit which dates back to barbaric invasions, at the end of Roman Empire, when northern Europe tribes, which used to eat horse, settled in Verona area. It might sound "barbaric" but horse meat is indeed incredibly tasty!
And then PANDORO, the Christmas cake that you will find on every Italian table, it's a traditional Veronese dessert.
Traditional Veronese restaurant is called OSTERIA. It was a poor, popular restaurant in the past, but now they are often very fancy places where you can try traditional menus and drink local wines.