Valentine's Day in Verona

What could be more romantic than spending Valentine's Day in Verona, the city of Romeo and Juliet, the most romantic place on earth? During the week of Valentine's Day there are countless events, shows and special guided tours to make your weekend in Verona unforgettable.

Il grande cuore rosso disegnato al centro di piazza dei Signori a Verona visto dall'alto.

Squares, streets and shop windows are decorated with large hearts of all shapes and sizes. In museums and restaurants, couples enjoy discounts and promotions.

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Valentine's Day in Verona is a big celebration that involves everyone and in which the whole city participates, thus helping to create the perfect atmosphere for the many couples who come to visit the city of Romeo and Juliet and love.

Coppia di innamorati davanti a un muro decorato con cuori

Lamberti Tower

A dream like view of Verona from the top of the Torre dei Lamberti, the old municipal tower. With its 84 metres it is the highest building in the city and one of its symbols. The Torre dei Lamberti is open to the public and with a lift you can easily climb to the top, where you can enjoy a 350 degree view of Verona's historic centre.

Il grande cuore rosso disegnato al centro di piazza dei Signori a Verona visto dall'alto.

On Valentine's Day, couples visiting the city can take advantage of promotions and discounted access to the city's monuments including the Torre dei Lamberti. From here you can admire the big red heart drawn on the pavement of Piazza dei Signori, the symbol of Valentine's Day in Verona.


I lampioni di Verona decorati con i grandi cuori rossi

On Valentine's Day, the streets of Verona's historic centre are decorated with all sorts of heart-shaped motifs. The street lights in Via Mazzini, Verona's shopping street, and piazza Bra main square, are covered with large red hearts which cast a warm, embracing light and create a truly unique atmosphere.
An unforgettable setting for a romantic trip of one or more days to Verona.

Luci colorate a forma di cuore

Juliet's House

The centre of the Valentine's Day events in Verona is of course Juliet's house. The heroine of the famous legend is in fact what makes the city of Verona special, and not only on the days of the festival of love. Crowds of lovers, young and old, gather in the courtyard of the Capulet's house: some take a photo together with the statue, some leave a message on the lovers' wall, some enter the museum for a photo on the celebrated balcony.
Throughout the week of Valentine's Day, couples enjoy discounts on admission to Juliet's house and the city's museums.
Juliet's house and its courtyard also become the venue for numerous events: concerts, readings, performances of Shakespeare's tragedy, awards ceremonies of the Juliet Club.

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Juliet's house in Verona.

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Romantic Dinner

I lampioni di Verona decorati con i grandi cuori rossi

On Valentine's Day in Verona, the city's restaurants also make their contribution to the festival of lovers. They create special menus, where chocolate often has a place of honour, and for couples who want to spend a romantic evening starting with a delicious dinner, there are discounts and promotions.
Bars and restaurants display themed decorations with large and small hearts in windows, on counters and among glasses and bottles.
Don't miss the opportunity to try Veronese wines.

Shop Windows

Vetrina di un negozio di Verona decorata con tanti cuori rossi

The windows and the inside of the shops in Verona city center are decorated in theme with the day dedicated to all lovers. Large hearts and installations of all shapes and sizes contribute to creating a unique and romantic atmosphere for all couples visiting the city of Romeo and Juliet.

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