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Azienda Agricola Mizzon is a family-run organic winery located in the heart of Valpolicella Classica. For over 100 years it has kept its vineyards healthy and balanced, working them with love and dedication, using natural methods that respect the environment.

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Today the Mizzon winery is one of the most interesting oenological in Valpolicella.
A visit to the winery with wine tasting will allow you to experience the result of 2500 years of wine making evolution in Valpolicella.

Backyard vineyard at Meroni winery

The Story of the winery

The history of the Mizzon company has its roots in a long agricultural tradition. At the beginning of the twentieth century in Valpolicella grapes were only one of the many products of the land. After the Second World War, the brothers Giuseppe and Giovanni, together with their father, began the production of wine. It complemented the cultivation of vegetables, fruit and grapes. When they saw the excellent results of their passion and dedication they did not hesitate to buy new vineyards in areas highly suited to wine production. Soon the first recognitions arrived. Over the years they obtained many awards for the most typical wine of Valpolicella: Recioto.

Mizzon grandfather

Unfortunately, Giovanni passed away still young. Giuseppe then decided to dedicate himself to his old passion: livestock breeding. But fate had other plans for him. The calves were stolen the night of the very day they were delivered. It was a fortune, shortly afterwards he received the nomination of "King of the Recioto". Many prizes continued to arrive for his wines in the following years.

Nicola Mizzon

Among his grandchildren, Nicola, the youngest, had the passion to follow his grandfather's footsteps. As soon as he graduated he started working with his grandfather Giuseppe until he took over the company in 2010. Nicola's entry brought a progressive renewal in winemaking. Alongside the traditional techniques of his grandfather Giuseppe, Nicola added new methods and technologies. Soon important awards and recognitions arrived. The Mizzon winery is today among the most interesting oenological productions in Valpolicella.

Grandfather Giuseppe passed away in December 2015, but Nicola keeps his motto alive:

"To us the joy of preserving the art of winemaking, to you the pleasure of savouring its emotions."

The Vineyards

The vineyards are located in various areas of Valpolicella Classica, between Valgatara valley and the plain of San Pietro in Cariano. The soil types are therefore very varied. The lower vineyards are characterized by gravelly alluvial deposits. In the foothills and hills of the estates in Valgatara the rocky and clayey substrate increases.
In order to reduce the use of pesticides to a minimum, many small natural processes have been introduced that allow to maintain the health and quality of the grapes. Herbicides are not used to maintain a more balanced environment within the vineyard.
Another fundamental operation is the defoliation and cleaning of the bunch. This operation allows greater air circulation between the bunches and keeps the grapes drier. This reduces the risk of mould and fungal diseases. In addition, natural sulphur and copper-based treatments are more effective.
At the Mizzon winery they believe that the earth is at the origin of a wine's quality and that it is therefore essential to maintain its balance with love, dedication and natural processing that respects the microfauna.

Winery Tours

Sala degustazione vini nella cantina Mizzon

From the Mizzon winery you can enjoy a 360° view of the whole Valpolicella Classica. From the plains, valleys and hills covered with vineyards and centuries-old olive trees, to the snow-covered peaks of Mount Baldo that marks the territory boundary to the west.

The visit continues on the upper floor where the most important wines are produced. The drying of the grapes for Recioto and Amarone takes place in the fruttaioio. It is the large room located under the roofs of every cellar and farmhouse of Valpolicella. The best grapes, placed on traditional river reeds mats, rest and evolve slowly. During visits in the autumn months you can see the fruttaio full of grapes and smell its inebriating aroma.

The Cellar

Fermentazione dell'Amarone in anfore di terracotta

The tour continues with a visit to the cellar. Here silence and tranquillity bring the transformation of wine to completion. In addition to the usual oak barrels, the Mizzon winery has introduced one of the oldest wine making tools: the terracotta amphora. Used since the origins of winemaking, the Romans perfected it for wine fermentation and transport. Amarone aged in amphora is unique of its kind. In addition to its great structure, it becomes rich in floral notes which are very rare in Valpolicella wines.

Wine Tasting

Due calici di vino rosso con piattini di stuzzichini

The experience of a visit to the Mizzon winery ends with a guided tasting of a selection of wines accompanied by local specialties and a platter of cold cuts and cheeses.

Mizzon winery is less than 30 minutes drive from Verona city center.
It is a farily flat area of Valpolicella, ideal for winery tours on bicycle..

We advise to book with some advance your visit.
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✉︎: info@cantinamizzon.com

Ask us to inlude Mizzon winery in your taylor made wine tasting tour in Valpolicella:

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