Verona Guided Tours

There are many things to see in Verona and its territory, so we have grouped the proposals by themes. Guided tours in Verona can be half-day or full-day visits. The itineraries are customizable. Our tours are suitable for individual tourists, small and large organized groups, adults, students and children, on foot and by bus.

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Juliet's balcony in Verona
Romeo and Juliet Tour

Together with our tour guides you will retrace the events of the legend through the places and monuments of the medieval city. There is more to see than Juliet's balcony, and Shakespeare only copied the story.

Erbe square from above
Thematic Guided Tours

You can discover all the aspects of the city. Historical itineraries or bike tours. Off the beaten paths looking for hidden gems, descending in the underground of Verona, or retracing old crimes and mysteries.

Arena through a smartphone
On-Line Tours

A new way to discover the city with virtual and on-line tours from the comfort of your own home or school classroom.
Insights and unusual points of view thanks to technology and multimedia approach.

Schoolchildren try a gladiator helmet inside the Arena
Guided Tours for Students

In Verona, students on a school trip can discover the history and art they have read about in books, with playful activities and workshops. Our tour guides are specialized in didactics and school tourism.

The Arena of Verona
Historical Itineraries

Verona has gone through more than two thousand years of history as a protagonist. This has left important remains, from Roman times to '900. Our tourist guides offer guided tours focusing on the specific historical periods of the city.

St Zeno's church rose window
Verona Churches

17 centuries of Christianity have created an immense artistic and historical heritage, with many examples of Romanesque, Gothic and Renaissance style churches. They can become a guided tour on its own or integrate a thematic visit.

The entrance of a Museum in Verona
Verona Museums

Art galleries, a car museum, an epigraphic, underground, frescoes, archaeological, ethnographic, natural science museums. Many housed in ancient monasteries, castles, noble palaces. For a visit on its own or integration of a thematic tour.

A town on lake Garda coast
Lake Garda

Waterside villages, Roman ruins, spectacular villas, castles, Lake Garda is all this and much more. Guided tours can include historical-artistic and naturalistic itineraries, boat trips, wine and oil tastings.

Barrels inside a cellar of Valpolicella
The Valpolicella

There is not just the Amarone wine with its spectacular cellars in Valpolicella, but also history and traditions, prehistoric sites, Roman ruins, medieval churches, Venetian villas.

Soave castle

Our tourist guide of Soave will take you on a tour of the castle and the medieval village surrounded by towers and walls. It can be followed by a visit to the winery to taste the famous white wine produced in the hills all around.

A bowl with extra virgin olive oil from Verona
Olive Oil Tour

Verona is surrounded by olive oil producing regions. A tour of an extra virgin olive oil mill is a great experience that combines beautiful landscapes with the tasting of one of the most representative products of Italian cuisine.

The facade of a Venetian villa
Venetian Villas

The sumptuous villas of Andrea Palladio, Michele Sanmicheli and other Renaissance architects dot the entire Veneto territory. With our guided itineraries you can visit some of the most beautiful villas between Vicenza and Verona.

Further information and bookings:

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