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Guided Tours in Verona

Verona offers a wide variety of itineraries to choose from. General tours that will present monuments, squares, stories of Verona historical center, didactic tours, wine tasting tours, up to most unusual sightseeing itineraries to discover the hidden treasures of Verona, not only in town but also in its surroundings. Always go together with a tourist guide who will help you to get the most from the time you have, understanding your interests and designing the perfect tour to suit your needs.

Verona with a guide
verona guided toursVerona is not as famous as the well known Italian towns like Venice, Florence, Rome, but is one of the most fascinating and romantic places in Italy, full of history, art and tradition. A week won't be enough to fully experience Verona and its territory, but in two hours, with the help of the right tourist guide, you can see Verona's most wonderful places and views. The walking guided sightseeing tour includes Juliet's house, the Roman amphitheatre, the tombs of the Scala family, one of most astonishing example of gothic art, and much more.
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Itineraries for students
didactic itineraries in veronaVerona, with its abundance of historical monuments and remains of so many different ages, with the help of the right tourist guide, can become a fundamental didactic means to see and physically be in what has been studied on books of history and art history. From Roman age until the bloody battles for the independence of Italy fought on its territory, Verona has always been in the center of Italia history.

Verona by night
verona by nightAt dusk, with the first shadows of the evening, Verona becomes even more beautiful and mysterious, full of an unusual charm. The Verona by night guided sightseeing tour will make you discover views and buildings that with the lights of the city become magic. This tour is ideal for those willing to spend at least a night in Verona.

Shakespeare's Verona
shakespeare toursWe don't know if Romeo and Juliet ever existed, but old traditions indicate some Verona buildings and streets, as those where the events of the legend took place. We don't have to forget that Shakespeare wrote the last, and of course the most famous, of many versions of the tragic story, very popular at that time and which were probably based on oral tradition. A waloking guided sightseeing tour to discover all the fascinating Shakespearian places in Verona.

Verona by bicycle
verona by bikeCar traffic in the city center is limited. The area surrounded by the old Austrian walls is linked by cycle tracks which make it easy and safe to move around with a bicycle. In two hours and a half, you can visit places and monuments which would require a full day on foot. It is the ideal guided sightseeing tour for those coming to Verona with their own bike. The Town of Verona rents bikes to visitors, they can be taken for free at the train station, but they are very few and advance booking is required.

Tour of Verona by plane
verona by planeAn exclusive chance to enjoy Verona and its territory from a unique point of view. The tour is comprehensive of guided sightseeing tour of the city center, car transfer to the airport and plane tour over the town, the lake of Garda and Verona hills.

Itineraries in Roman Verona
roman veronaFor amount of Roman remains and monuments, Verona is second only to Rome. The most famous of all, of course is the Arena, the 1st century amphitheatre. But beside the Arena there is much more to be seen: a triumphal arch, gates, streets, sculptures, mosaics, and underground relics of a great past. With the help of the right tourist guide you will be able to see everything, all around the town.

Guided tours in middle age Verona
scala family's veronaIn spite of its millenary history, Italy is a very young country. It has been unified only in 1861. Until that year the Italian peninsula was divided into many small countries, each ruled by the most powerful family if each area. Verona, in the 14th century was governed by the Scala family, whose powerful and merciless leaders fought to expand and glorify the town. Today the castles and monuments they built can be seen in the old town of Verona. With the help of the right tourist guide you will discover also why Italian most famous opera theatre is called "La Scala".

Itineraries in Venetian Verona
venetian veronaFrom the beginning of 15th century until the end of the 18th century Verona fell under the powerful Venetian Republic. In this span of time Renaissance spread around Italy and, in Verona too, wonderful palaces and fortification were built under the supervision of Michele Sanmicheli, Verona most important architect. The guided sightseeing tour will show you all of these beautiful buildings and monuments.

Itineraries in Austrian Verona
Austrian VeronaAfter the defeat of Napoleon, Verona became part of the Austro-Hungarian Empire. The Austrians transformed Verona into a military town, building an impressive fortification system with fortresses, walls, bastions, gates, and an arsenal. Everything still stands today and become an incredible open air museum spread all around the town to be visited with the right tourist guide.

Verona hidden treasures
verona hidden treasuresWell, the Arena, Juliet's house, Erbe square and Signori square... But for those who have already been in Verona or want to combine the usual sightseeing tour with something unusual here are some proposals to choose from to build your own special guided itinerary. Together with a tourist guide discover the treasures of Verona, hidden behind a wall, a corner or a courtyard.

Verona Museums
verona museumsPaintings collections, interior museums, classic cars, old radios, toys, and of course archeological, natural history and ethnographic museums. Verona offers a wide choice of museum itineraries, many of which are hosted in old monasteries, castles, palaces, which add to the experience. Verona museums can became a guided itinerary in itself or complete the more usual guided sightseeing tour in the old city center.

Itineraries in Valpolicella
valpolicella itinerariesFew minutes drive from the city center, in the hillside north of Verona are the valley and the wineries where the famous Valpolicella and Amarone wines are produced. A fascinating guided tour in vineyards, 15th and 16th century villas, oak barrels, bottles and glasses of incredible wines. Not only for the wine lovers...

itineraries in soaveFrom the 14th century castle secured on the top of the hill of Soave, a sea of vineyards as long as your eye can reach. The sweet Soave wine is produced here. The guided sightseeing tour includes a visit to the castle, an exceptionally well preserved medieval building, the old village and the wine cellars of famous wine producers. Wine tasting sessions are also available.

Guided Itineraries in Custoza
custozaSouth of Lake Garda, a few minutes by car from Verona, a territory to discover, rich in history, traditions, wine and gastronomic products. The name Custoza is also famous for the battle that was fought by Italian and Austrian soldiers in the war for Italian independence. There are many guided itineraries to retrace the tragic battles that took place in the Italian Risorgimento, or to discover a white wine, more and more appreciated in Italy and abroad.

Guided Itineraries on Lake Garda
guided itineraries on lake gardaSince the Roman age, the biggest lake in Italy has always been inhabited and inspired poets and artists with its romantic atmospheres. Beautiful villages, Roman remains, magnificent villas, small castles, the lake Garda offers a wide varieties of views and emotions from which you can chose, appreciated by visitors from all over the world.

Palladio and the Veneto Villas
palladian itinerariesThe incredible villas created by the genius of Andrea Palladio, 1508-1580. Built by noble Venetian families in the Veneto inland they also have been declared Unesco World Heritage. In half a day guided sightseeing tour, some of the most beautiful villas around Venice and Rovigo area can be visited. Ask the right tourist guide to design an itinerary which will make you discover some of the most beautiful buildings in the world.

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