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Maffeiano Lapidary Museum

maffeiano lapidary museum

Founded in 1745 by Scipione Maffei, eminent Veronese literary man who contributed with his huge personal collection of Roman inscription, the Lapidary Museum is probably the oldest public museums in the world. It was arranged in a wing of the Philharmonic Academy, a inner courtyard leading to the Philharmonic Theater of Verona. In 1982 the display was completely re-arranged according to modern and more scientific methods. The museum and especially its courtyard is a fascinating place where, together with a tourist guide you will go through the great ancient Greek and Roman culture.

mantegna roman tomb stone

A Roman tomb stone. Mantegna saw this relief and copied the three winged figures representing afterlife geniuses in the famous Wedding Chamber in Mantua.

roman milestones

Roman milestones. Verona territory, since the Roman age has been in the center of important roads on which these stones indicated the distance from Rome and other important cities. Even today, is not unusual to find these remains in the countryside.

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