Lake Garda and Olive Oil

The province of Verona is the northernmost region in the world where it is possible to grow olives for productive purposes. It is precisely Lake Garda to make it possible. Its huge mass of water acts as a thermal flywheel and makes the climate milder, allowing the growth of typical Mediterranean plants: palms, oleanders, citrus and of course olive trees.

olive grove and on the background Lake Garda

Vast olive groves cover the hills of the eastern coast of Lake Garda.
There are many frantoi (olive oil mill) where you can take guided tours with tastings and purchase extra virgin olive oil GARDA DOP.

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The Olives Riviera

The spread of the olive tree on the eastern shore of Lake Garda is such that it is called the Olive Riviera. The extra virgin olive oil of this area covers almost two thirds of the entire production of Verona. The hills surrounding the lake are characterized by the unmistakable light green of the olive trees.

The typical landscape of lake Garda is characterized by the olive trees on the gentle slopes that surround the intense blue color of the water.

An ancient cultivation, probably dating back to Roman times, but which has its official date in 835 a.D., when the abbot Wala, of the monastery of St. Columbanus of Bobbio, decreed that "Garda deputavit ad olium" (Garda is bound to produce oil). Olive growing was also practiced in the monasteries of the area for liturgical purposes. Garda oil, today awarded the dop, the protected designation of origin, is soft and delicate, easily digestible and with fruity notes. It is ideal for local dishes: risottos with lake fish, polenta with pike, bigoli with aole, and marinated trout.

Olive oil production

In Cisano, at the Olive Oil Museum, ancient tools and machines will show you the history of Lake Garda oil and how production methods evolved over the centuries. At the end of the visit, you will sample local varieties of extra virgin olive oil and other olive products.

If you wish to see harvest and machines in function best time for a visit is between October and early December.

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Info & Bookings:

+39 333 2199 645 P.I. 03616420232 C.F. CPPMHL74L13L781C