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The Roman Theater of Verona was built on the slope of San Pietro's hill in the first century b.C. After the fall of the Roman Empire, it was completely covered by buildings which were built on it, but the memory of its presence remained and many Renaissance architects, Palladio too, tried to imagine how it might have looked.
Thank to Andrea Monga, munificent patron of the archeology, around the half of the nineteenth century, first excavations started. Then the Town of Verona bought the entire area and the beautiful monument was brought back to life. Verona Summer Theater Festival Since 1948 the Roman Theater is the center of the Verona Summer Theater Festival, with the plays of the Shakespearian Festival. In 1968 also the Ballet Festival was added, and since 1985 there is also the Verona Jazz Festival.
During the festival the traffic in front of the Theater is stopped and you can enjoy the representations with the gentle murmur of the river as a background.

Tickets can be bought from at Palazzo Barbieri, on via Leoncino n.61, or directly at the Theater on the evening of the event.

For any further information on shows, tickets, delivery in hotel, guided tours before the representations, please write at:



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Paolo Veronese Exhibtionmostra paolo veronese a veronaPaolo Veronese comes back to Verona with a great exhibtion from July 5th until October 5th 2014.