Getting to Verona by car or coach

Verona is at the crossroads of two of Italy most important motorways: the north-south Brennero A 22 motorway and the est-west Serenissima A 4.

Distances from Verona by car: Trento km. 103 (64 miles), Bolzano km. 157 (97 miles), Vicenza km. 51 (31 miles), Venice km. 114 (70 miles), Brescia km. 68 (42 miles), Milan km. 161 (100 miles), Bologna km. 142 (88 miles), Florence km. 230 (142 miles).

For those coming for a sightseeing tour of Verona city center or for its exhibition center (Fiera di Verona) the exit is Verona sud from where you just need to go straight in order to get to the Arena.

For tourist coaches, the meeting point with the tourist guide is usually in Corso Porta Nuova 27 (the boulevard leading to the Arena) in front of the San Luca pharmacy or at the tourist coaches parking lot in via Pallone.

Tourist coaches entrance fee
Tourist coaches need to pay an entrance fee of 30 euro to access Verona. The fee can be paid on-line on Verona public transport company internet site or bought at the motorway service areas near Verona. Students' coaces are free of charge.

For private cars, there are many restrictions to access city center historical areas (ZTL) and to park there. You can access these areas according to the following timetable:

From Monday to Friday
from 10.00 to 13.30
from 16.00 to 18.00
from 20.00 to 22.00

Saturday, Sunday and holidays
from 10.00 to 13.30

or if you can prove that you have booked an hotel situated in the ZTL area.

For almost all parking areas along city roads around and in the city center you need to buy and display Verona Park cards at tobacconists: 1,50 euro per hour in city center, 1 euro per hour everywhere else.

If you come from outside Verona and you are not familiar with streets, restricted areas, parking methods and traffic, you would probably prefer to leave your car in one of the two covered parking lot just outside city center, in Cittadella square and Bentegodi street. Both are just 300 meters from the Arena where the meeting point with the tourist guide usually is..

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