Organic Valpolicella Wine Tour:
Villa Bellini

Villa Bellini is a small winery located on the gentle slopes of Castelrotto hill, on the southern part of Valpolicella Classica producing area, close to Castelrotto village, one of the most fascinating in this region.

The winery is located in an eighteenth Century villa, surrounded by six hectares of vineyards lined by centuries old cypresses and a high dry-built stone wall, typical of traditional Valpolicella countryside. Vineyards face South-East, gently sloping down the valley below, sitting on terraces reinforced by dry-built walls called Marogne in local dialect.

Mrs Cecilia Trucchi runs the winery alone and since 1990 began producing wines with organic production methods, one of the few winery that has gone bio in Valpolicella. Grape are harvested from old pergola and newly planted vines shaped like beautiful small trees, a very old training technique. To fight against disease and pests only products allowed by organic regulations are used. Mrs Cecilia is also experimenting new natural remedies.

Mrs Cecilia decided to only make wines she likes so the choice of products at Villa Bellini winery is reduced to one Valpolicella Classico Superiore - Taso, and a Recioto - Uva Passa, the dessert raisined wine typical of Valpolicella.
Only typical Valpolicella grape varieties are used: Corvina, Corvinone and Rondinella. Molinara also is used, a typical Valpolicella grape that many producers are eliminating because of its light color but which is fundamental in giving the right acidity balance and structure to real Valpolicella wines.

Villa Bellini wines are a bit more expensive than other Valpolicella wines but they are really unique products among wines that are increasingly being produced with industrial methods and with an excessive use of preservatives.
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